Travel to India

      India is one of the world's best resorts in Asia's international hit. Snow-white as powdered sugar, beaches, five star hotels, coconuts falling right into hands, haute cuisine are available in Goa. Panorama of the ocean is the main advantage of India. There are many legends of Goa, especially about its northern part. And about the horrible filth, poor sanitation, unobtrusive service, poverty, and crab-killers, swam to the shore and the grabbing of tourists in the heel. Do not believe it! Buy a ticket and go! We flew to Goa for the first time and landed at dawn. Our plane made a U-turn over the ocean, and I swear, my heart was going to leap. We fell into a sound sleep, as soon as we appeared in the room. The room was overlooking the ocean (up to a 100 m). In general, staff at Goa is excellent. By the way, the bulk of the hotels are the British, as well as wealthy Indians and Russian. Local discos in Goa deserve a separate story and analysis. For example, Cabana is located in Arpora village, close to Baga Beach, where my hotel is right on the mountain. Dance floor, bars, areas for recreation and dive into nirvana located right on the mountain, among the palm trees and at different levels. There is a swimming pool and Jacuzzi. After a sleepless night, at dawn, a large company, we went to the beach, swam and slept directly on the sand. Beaches in Goa are about twenty, and they are all endless. For example, Baga Beach is a unique combination of land and water. It is a popular place for British tourists. Anjuna Beach is a real sign that heaven on earth is still possible. White sand, the ocean, miracle land, the full moon party are here. Wagator is one of the beaches in Goa. When you are tired of lying on the beach, you can go on the tour and at night you will surely have a sound sleep. For example, there is the waterfall Dudhsagar. The trip passes through a real jungle, two cars cross the water flow. After 15 minutes we reached the waterfall. The length of the mountain stream 603 m, but it is not vertical, and the height at which it falls much lower. Nevertheless, the spectacle is impressive. A small lake with cool water is at the foot of the waterfall, where we were splashing like mermaids. There is another option is a trip by boat on the river Zouari, through mangroves and sandbanks, through swarms of crocodiles, which are getting closer and closer to swim to our boat. This is a journey through the wildlife of Goa was with flavored mild beverages such as gin and tonic and a beer. On our way crocodiles met not so much as we would like, but we were upset early. At the end of this voyage we were treated to sumptuous dinner of local dishes that we have forgotten not only about crocodiles, but in general about everything in the world.