Goa is India's Pearl

      Tourists who are having a rest in the south of Goa can stroll through the old quarters of the state capital - 400-year-old Panaji. The former Portuguese colony has retained many features of the Portuguese city's architecture. Here you can buy spices, tea, coffee, jewelry and other souvenirs from India. The tour starts with a trip to the town of Mapusa for tourists who are on holiday in the north of Goa. Silk, spices, fruit and a beggar are an indispensable attribute of any Placis in India. After this tour, I fell into a sound sleep. Old Goa is the former capital of the state. UNESCO included Old Goa World Heritage List. Here is the biggest Christian church in Asia and India - the Cathedral of St. Catherine. While we have considered interior, the bell rang. His sound was so deep and loud that it seemed he was just ringing in my head. Our guide told us that the voice of church bells can be heard at a distance of 14 km. And then suddenly it began to rain. This was no ordinary rain or drizzle of rain drops, it was a tropical downpour. It was a wall of water. It was as if someone on heaven turned over the full bucket. The rain had stopped as suddenly as it began. But the world, washed by monsoon rains, is bright, clean and transparent. Only the crowns of palm trees that are against the backdrop of agitated ocean look black. A few World Heritage sites - the Basilica of Jesus and some monasteries are located in Goa. The coastal areas of Goa, known as the Velhas Konkistas or Old conquest are special for its architecture, built in the so-called Portuguese-Goan style. Forts and other fortifications are located in Goa. Many houses in the Indo-Portuguese style built in Goa, many are in a dilapidated condition, but there are well preserved. Old Latin Quarter Fontanhas in Panaji area was declared a cultural heritage; it has retained the traditional location of the culture and architecture. Culture of India is very diverse. India has managed to preserve the ancient cultural traditions, both to adopt new practices and ideas from invaders and immigrants and to extend its cultural influence to other parts of Asia. Travel to India was just magical!